Cupcakes & Cake Pops

Everyone loves cupcakes!

It’s the mini cakes that really put smiles on everyone’s faces. In recent years cupcakes have become increasingly popular at weddings and baby showers. This is because cupcakes are easy to eat and several flavor and filling options are easy to provide for your guests.


Kalmar Kakes offers 3 different sized cupcakes (mini, standard, and large). You can select what cake flavor and filling you want in your cupcakes. Decoration wise you can just have the buttercream to top off the cupcakes or have them custom decorated. Many select flowers, bows, butterflies, etc. for them. Cupcakes are also great for office parties, birthdays, wedding showers, and well just about any event.

Don’t forget to check out our wedding cake and cupcakes packages.

Cake Pops

Looking for something cute and bite-sized for your special day? Try a cake pop! They are small round pieces of cake coated with chocolate and attached to the end of a stick. So it looks like a lollipop, but its cake. Cake pops can be made with any cake flavor and then dipped in chocolate. They can be decorated, as desired. Many choose to have sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, nuts, little flowers, or bows to decorate them for their event.

Cake pops are a popular choice for wedding showers, baby showers, and birthdays. We also specialize in reveal cake pops (blue or pink colored cake under the chocolate coating) for baby showers and bling pops for wedding showers.