Our Policies

If You Are Picking Up Your Cake……

Please take note of these suggestions when travelling with your cake.

  • Make sure your car has a flat surface and space for your cake to be placed. (Ex: back of an SUV, seats folded down, floor of front or back seat)
  • Do not place the cake in your trunk
  • If it is hot outside make sure you have air conditioning or a short travel time (the cake is iced with buttercream and will melt due to excessive heat exposure)
  • We do not suggest placing the cake on the seat secured by a seatbelt. Please nO!
  • If you are concerned about transportation of the cake have a friend travel with you to spot the cake.
  • Please note that direct sunlight and temperatures of 75 degrees and higher may have drastic and adverse effects on any confection ordered.


After the Cake Leaves Our Kitchen

It is your responsibility to ensure that the cake will be stored and/or set-up in an area that is climate controlled. This helps the cake to remain intact and retain its original condition. Please keep in mind that extremely high temperatures and humidity due to weather conditions and lack of a cool environment may adversely affect the condition of the cake.


Cake Care


  • Our cakes and cupcakes are best enjoyed at room temperature.
  • This allows the buttercream to become soft; remember we use 100% butter in our buttercream.
  • A one-tier cake takes about 1 hour to come to room temperature in an 68-degree F room.
  • If it is warmer or cooler outside, it will effect the time it takes for the cake to come to room temperature.
  • For example in the summer it will take less time for the cake to come to temperature.
  • Please note that direct sunlight and temperatures of 75 degrees and higher may have drastic and adverse effects on any confection ordered.


  • You may come across humidity issues in your home, venue or refrigerator; if you have a fondant cake.
  • If the humidity is high; you may see moisture on your cake, it appears as “tears” or “weeping”, extra shiny and sticky to the touch.
  • Your cake is fine, but you need to move it to a drier area.
  • The majority of home refrigerators have dehumidifiers built into them.   


Payment, Deposits & Delivery

  • We accept Cash, Check and Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover)
  • 50% deposit must be made at time of order two weeks prior to your pickup/delivery day*
  • 100% full payment must be made the day of you pickup, unless it is being delivered*
  • 100% full payment is required for any short notice cake.
  • We can deliver orders $150 & up; plus applicable delivery fee*
  • $25.00 Return check fee on any returned checks

*does not apply to wedding cakes

It is recommended to reserve your cake with us at least 2-4 weeks in advance. We only accept a limited number of orders per day, we do fill up quickly during wedding season (spring and summer months).


Return Policy

Kalmar Kakes takes pride in all of our bakery products.

If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, inform us within 24 hours of pick-up/delivery and return the unused portion to us.

We will give you credit for the amount returned for use toward a future purchase.

No refunds on orders placed within 72 hours.

No cash refunds