Collage_FotorWe love brides. We love grooms.
We love weddings–best of all we love cake!!

We started this Kalmar Kakes so we could be a part of the community and be involved in special milestones.  We’ve been fortunate to design cakes for all of our brides and grooms and would love to be a part of your special event.

Who remembers the main courses at a wedding? No one–but everyone remembers what the cake tastes like!
For us, we especially design our cakes so that they taste even better than they look! The  cake and the filling? It can be anything to your heart’s content, different tiers can be different flavors, and you can fill the tiers with anything from fresh fruit, to chocolate truffle fillings to a silky buttercream!

Contact us to book a complimentary consultation and cake tasting.