Cake Tasting 101

So you are getting married and have a slew of things you need to organize before the big day. The first thing or maybe the last thing on your mind is your wedding cake. There are a lot of things to think about when shopping around for a wedding cake designer, plus you need to be prepared before you head in to taste that first slice of cake. Below are some frequently asked questions and things to consider.

You and your guest taste 6 types of cakes and 7 types of fillings.
We will talk about the design of your cake tiers, colors, decorations, etc…
Ask you how many people will be at your wedding reception.
If you want a custom made cake topper or handmade flowers.
Just know we are here to help you make your wedding cake dreams come true.

It can be you and your fiancé, maid of honor, mom, dad, or sibling. Bring someone who you can talk about food and cake design with. Less voices in the room make it easier for you to make a cake decision. We suggest no more than 3 people to come with you to taste.

We would like you and your guest to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled tasting with your homework complete (or sent in prior). The tasting should take 30 minutes to 1 hour. Please keep in mind we may have another tasting scheduled after yours.

We hold cake tastings by appointment only on Sundays and Mondays. If these days do not work for you, please have a couple other days and times in mind and we will happily coordinate another tasting date with you.

If you want to taste something that we do not offer on our menu, then ask us.
If you know you want to taste specific cakes and fillings from our menu, then tell us.

Please call us to discuss the date of your wedding. You place a hold the date deposit with us $50.00 and we start designing and putting your wedding cake order together.

Don’t forget about personal food allergies or key people who will be eating your wedding cake who have allergies. Please tell us prior to the cake tasting if you have nut, dairy, or any other food allergy.

It can be as many tiers as you want it to be, fitting in with your cake budget. You can also have a smaller cake as the wedding centerpiece and then sheet cakes in the kitchen to cut. The majority of our weddings have 3-4 tiers.

No… you have other options such as cupcakes, cake pops or decorated cookies.

Yes, we offer packages for various budgets and sized weddings. Our packages give you options for cake only weddings and cupcakes and a wedding cake.

A display cake is an option for those who want a beautiful cake for their wedding, but don’t have the number of guests who eat that amount of cake or that size cake does not fit in their budget. You do not eat a display cake, it is only there for show. Instead you cut into a smaller cake and serve from either sheet cakes or cupcakes. You can either buy a display cake or rent one from us.

Traditionally the top tier of your cake is called the anniversary cake. It is not cut into or eaten on the day of your wedding, instead you freeze the cake and eat it on your first anniversary. It is a great tradition and we hope many couple return to doing this.

When we make your cake, we give the top tier/anniversary cake to you as a gift.

Couples normally order 2-4 flavors of cake.

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